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Parent Participation

Participation inside and outside of the classroom is essential in any co-op. This page outlines the annual parent participation requirements. 

Fees will be levied for not completing these requirements.

Classroom Participation
(per enrolled child)

13 days/yr

for 2 days/week schedule

19 days/yr

for 3 days/week schedule

32 days/yr

for 5 days/week schedule

Maintenance Workdays
(per family)


12 hrs/yr

for 2 or 3 days/week schedule


16 hrs/yr

for 5 days/week schedule or more than 1 child enrolled

Parent Education

2 classes

(per parent)

Scrip Purchases

Shop with Scrip & Raise $150

in rebates for the school

(per family)

Parent Participation Worksheet

Keeping track of parent participation can be a chore. We've created a worksheet that you can use to keep track of your participation requirements. Download the Parent Particpation Self-Tracker here.

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